Ask one of our former clients, or call us directly.  We are happy to listen to what your needs are.  Arrange for a  private consultation where you can share your dreams for your garden space.  You are welcome to meet with us in our Gilroy office, or we will travel to your home, office, or project site.

Once we better understand your needs, with your “wish-list” in hand,  Karen Aitken & Associates will submit a proposal designed to provide those services which will create the space you have been dreaming of.

If you are interested in what other projects we have done, take a look at our portfolio.


Gilroy Arts Alliance-Patio Scene 4Getting Started

Depending on your needs, Services may include:

Phase One: Landscape Masterplan

Site Analysis:

Precise Site Measurements are a necessity. Our clients may provide a site plan or topographic survey prepared by an architect, engineer or land surveyor. Our staff can also provide any necessary field measurements and accurate recording of site conditions.

Our site analysis is based on the quality and amount of information provided, and therefore will vary from project to project based on need and situation.

Preliminary Design Study:

35.1, 2006 130You’ll receive one layout drawing of your garden space with suggestions for all trees, plant groupings, and hardscape materials. Your preliminar

design study is presented at your convenience and discussed including any revisions or changes.

Once your input is incorporated, your Final Landscape Masterplan is created and submitted for your approval.

If you have any questions or simply want to get in contact with us we would love to hear from you.

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14Getting Serious…

Phase Two: Construction Documents

The next step in making your plans a reality take shape with construction documents. You may require plans drawn to this next level of detail to obtain Municipal building permits, approvals from a Home Owner’s Associations, and acquiring competitive bids from Landscape contractors.

Once you are happy with and approve your Final Landscape Masterplan, we immediately begin producing a series of construction documents, generated using the latest version of AUTOCAD software.

Based on your needs, Construction documents may include:

Planting and Lighting Plan:13

Your planting plans will include both botanical and common names of trees as well as plant materials, sizes and placements. Your lighting plans
provide suggestions for best placing outdoor decorative lighting for use and aesthetics, as well as specific product performance specifications.

Irrigation Plan:

Here we provide the necessary sprinkler system layout and head selection, drip systems, control systems, pipe layout, valves and location of backflow preventers.

Dimensioning Plan for hardscape areas:

Here the details specify the hardscape construction materials down to dimensions given for accurate layout and construction of your site.

Grading and Drainage Plan:

Gives and defines existing contours, slope and spot elevation and grades unique to each of your sites. Grading plans can provide detailed information on cut and fill calculations, diverting runoff, preventing erosion and creating drainage networks that speed construction and ensure better final results.

Construction Details and Specifications:

Our decades of experience provides plans with detailed information on types and dimensions of materials and methods of construction. Details are prepared for outdoor structures such as arbors, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, sports courts, water features or paving unique to your needs and site demands.

Do you need something beyond what we normally provide?  If so, check out our additional services.

Additional Services

If you are interested in other projects we have done, take a look at our portfolio, otherwise if you want to move forward on your project contact us.

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