In creating your garden, you transform your house into your home.

What do you enjoy doing when you are home? How does your family relax? Where do you find the peace, relaxation, or recreation that makes life more fun?  When are those times that you entertain, or enjoy playing, dining, and just enjoying being home together?

Residential landscaping is so much more than artistically assembling an interesting collection of trees, flowers, and plants into the space around your house. Although that is often what you first see or discuss, the real issue is creating the most enjoyable space for each and every family member.  Our focus is to listen to your needs, then with goals that come from what you enjoy and need, crafting an expanded living space which delivers solutions and good feelings for each and every family member and guest.

What works for the confines of one “space” may not work for another, even if the dimensions are exactly the same. The question is what do you need?  What do you want?  What styles are you attracted to?  Answering these questions helps produce a landscape which not only adds to the aesthetic beauty of your home but increases your enjoyment of it throughout the year, so more fun, more enjoyment, more use takes place naturally, in a manner that suits you and your family.

Today, there is a myriad of issues defined by things we can’t control, including drought, climate, water restrictions, homeowner associations, and zoning regulations.  Our firm focuses on crafting solutions to these issues, delivering the best solution within your budget and time considerations.

Please, do us the honor of asking how we can help you create your garden, transforming your house into your home, as we have done for thousands of families for over 30 years.


Village Greens Retirement Community- Gilroy, CACordeValle Vineyard Estates, San Martin, CAEagle Ridge Golf Course Community,  GilroyIndependence Square-Homes for Public Service Providers

Park Villas Community-San Jose, CA The Gardens & Alhambra-Subdivisions by KB Homes-Gilroy & Hollister,CA.Sobrato Community Apartments-Gilroy, CA.Meadow Ranch Homeowners Association-Aptos, CA

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  1. It has been a pleasure to work with Karen on our landscape plan for our new home in Woodside. With wildlife, a large piece of land, and restrictions from the town – Karen found the right solution for us. I would recommend Karen to anyone.

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