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  1. What a Herculean undertaking! This place boggles the mind. My only wish would be for there to be more places like this in the world.

    On behalf of those who have been lucky enough to visit this place many times and always find something new – Thank You! My family is grateful you spent 25 years pulling this one giant project together – planning, designing, building such a beautiful and unique experience. What a park! What a destination. We are all blessed first that Michael Bonfante had the vision and means to create this wonderful destination, then that he brought you in to make his vision real. What a fortuitous combination. Such a wonderful experience.

    If anyone reading this on your website hasn’t experienced what is now called Gilroy Gardens – DO IT NOW! Please. You can thank me – or more appropriately – Karen & Michael Bonfante later. If you love Nature, botany, color, water and surprising environments which delight the eye and heart, you owe it to yourself, your family and friends to experience this most wonderful, attractive and unique destination.

    Thank you for not just saving but featuring the famous and nearly lost forever circus trees by Axel Erlandson; I enjoy then every single visit. And I also saving (and changing oh-so-subtly with Nature themes) the famous Elitch Gardens rides too.

    With your work you have truly proven that relying on Hollywood movie themes, or theatrical artifice or any of the superficial crutches we have grown so tired of seeing endlessly used everywhere else – just shows a poverty of imagination. It is amazing what you can do framing with appreciation of the magic of Nature herself. You have created a place where her beauty is on display in a way everyone can have their breath taken away. Imagine – a compellingly attractive and wholesome destination where adults and children can have fun together exploring the wonders of Nature without the vulgarities of our 21st Century life. Just wonderful.

    Forgive the length of this post. This was not intended to be so long. I hope you will allow it on your site. My thought was you should know – and those who might be lucky enough to employ you – how appreciated your unique work is, at least by this poor pedestrian. My hope is your decades of work are honored with even more decades of thousands of people enjoying your work, here and everywhere you ply your trade.

    If you decide to edit this post down – please let me ask you leave at least these two heartfelt words: Thank YOU!

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